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AUGA has stopped the sales of pond products under private label Vivaria in 2016. A part of the Vivaria program has now been transferred to our AUGA label, but in a more professional version, intended for the specialist retail trade and the construction market.

Naturally we have several separate Vivaria parts in stock, so the service is mostly insured. Are you looking for a replacement part and the consumer price: Vivaria parts consumer 2018? Sales take place trough the specialist trade.

AUGA supplies pond products such as filters, pond pumps, UV-c devices, air pumps, skimmers and lighting of excellent quality and is available at the ponds specialty stores.

In addition to a wide range of products, the specialist trade also has a broad knowledge of water and pond technology.
For advice, service and parts supply, the retail trade is the point of contact for every water project, small or large.

You can also contact us!