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Water movement and aeration is crucial for improving water quality and indispensable in every water culture.

Aeration contributes to the decomposition of organic substances in water and oxygenates the water for fish and other pondlife.


AUGA Water Vitaliseren - Flow propellerpompenFlow propeller pumps

Ensure that stagnant water flows in canals, ponds and storage basins, preventing the development of algae and improving water quality considerably.

AUGA Water Vitaliseren - AirFlow aeratorsAirFlow aerators

AirFlow propeller pumps combine the power of movement with the enrichment of oxygen in water. A huge volume of water with oxygen in the form of microbubbles stimulates the decomposition of organic substances in water.

AUGA Water Vitaliseren - Beluchtingsfonteinen - 900x540

V-Flow fontein-aerators

Water aeration and a beautiful fountain form, a combination that does justice to many situations; recreational and sports parks, ponds and canals in residential areas, and anywhere that aeration is required for stagnant water.