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Auga Water Vitaliseren met een AirFlow beluchter dient tevens als ijsvrijhouder

AUGA AirFlow aerator for aeration and also as ice-free holder in the winter

Whether it is due on the Dutch successes during the 2014 Winter Olympics is not known to us. Read more

AUGA Amazing Water - Nieuwsbrief december - 900x540

Newsletter 2 december 2013

The newsletter of december is published! Read more

auga vissterfte airflow pomp water vitaliseren zuurstof drijvend messner benelux vivaria

Fish in distress in pond Kronenburgerpark Nijmegen

The high temperatures in July caused lack of oxygen in the pond of the famous park in Nijmegen. Read more

airflow opslagbassin beluchten

4 Airflow units for storage basins to England

Basins for the storage of rain water are increasingly being used for irrigation in agriculture and horticulture in times of drought. Read more

Drijvende of vaste fontein AUGA

AUGA Fountaintechnique and Filter technology

Also for international customers AUGA designs and builds facilities for fountains, filtration and aeration technique. Besides the plants produced in series, we also build custom-tailored systems for water projects. Delivery takes place throughout Europe.