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In order to keep water clear and vital in landscaped water features, ponds or other water projects, the use of filter technology is practically always necessary.

The filter program includes systems for both organic and mechanical water purification.


UAUGA Water Zuiveren - UV-C FZI serieV-c devices

UV-c devices are applied to combat algae and other micro-organisms. Living in too large quantities may be harmful to the health of humans and animals in swimming pools, swimming ponds, water features and fountains.

AUGA Water Zuiveren - Inazuma Trommelfilter water filteren en zuiveren

Inazuma Drum filter for pumped and gravity setup

Fully automatic operating micro-filtration system, suitable for the mechanical cleaning of water in basins, swimming ponds, fish ponds and other water projects. The high quality finish, reliability, efficient filter operation and ease of use are the key points for choosing such systems.

AUGA-Delta meerkamerfilters

DELTA polyester multichamber filters

Volume filtration is an efficient and natural filter method for high-quality purification of ponds and water basins. The Multichamber principle ensures perfect mechanical-biological purification of water.