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VarioPress Pro pressurefilter

Auga product | VarioPress Pro pressurefilter

Variopress Pro: closed professional pressure filter with a practical and easy cleaning system. The built-in UV-c device keeps the pond free of floating algae.

These pressure filters are very easy to install and to camouflage and can almost entirely be buried.

The benefits of pressure filter systems are already widely proven in practice. The fully closed filter system is compact and can be placed practically anywhere, even under the water surface next to a pond. The pressure of the pond pump remains largely preserved and the purified water can be reduced to a higher place, such as through a waterfall. Cleaning of the filter material is extremely easy without opening the filter, through a bypass dirt is taken to garden or sewer connection. The built-in UV-c device keeps the pond clean of floating algae.


  • Almost entirely digging in possible
  • Simple cleaning without opening
  • Build-in UV-c
  • Indication degree of pollution control
  • Optical flowcontrol
  • Bypass to remove polluted water
  • Model 24000 en 40000 equipped with filter sponge package and bioballs
  • Model 60000 equipped with filter sponge package, beads and bioballs

Other information:

  • User manual
  • Available in Variopress Pro 24000, 40000 and 60000