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VarioFlow pondpump

Auga product | VarioFlow pondpump

Varioflow pond pump is the new generation of pond pumps, equipped with highly efficient 6-pole PMDC motor technology and stepless, external power control for optimum energy management.

The permanent magnet DC motor (PMDC) has been used for many years in the industrial pumps technique where pumps are continue in operation and the energy costs play a big role, the type of motor uses all energy by its construction. The technique in VarioFlow® pumps is derived and in combination with the stepless speed control (frequency converter) for an additional energy saving, because this on the actual capacity need can be adjusted. Pond pumps need not to function at full power throughout the season, in spring and autumn, the circulation speed are often lower if there is less sun and temperatures are lower.

Really save energy: 1 Watt power consumption costs on an annual basis about € 2.00 in permanent company of a pump. Comparing with pumps that are built in existing systems, can lead to surprising results, who more than justify the purchase a VarioFlow® pump.

On the included external panel of VarioFlow pond pump capacity can be set and digitally be read off what the set percentage , and so the related power consumption, is. VarioFlow also has a rotating motor for horizontal or vertical connection of the discharge line.


  • Fully adjustable PM motor
  • 6-pole motor, efficient and very quiet
  • Built-in micro-chip temperature/dry-running protection
  • External Panel for setting capacity, suitable for outdoor use
  • Digital reading power consumption and set percentage
  • Rotating housing (video)
  • Control panel contains 1,5mtr power cable
  • VarioFlow pumps are availabale in 5, 10, 20 en 30.000 liter

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