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Auga product | Pondsieve

Pondsieve : a mechanical prefilter, the first step in the filtering process for clear water in ponds, swimming ponds and other water projects.


An pondsieve is a filter system that reduces the tax and maintenance of a biological system significantly. The coarse particles such as leaves and feed residues are separated by a stainless steel strainer. This is important to lighten the load of the biological filter media as low as possible. After passing the pondsieve, water is transported by a pump. The water is usually led to a biological filter or a swamp bed. On top of the filter there is a movable valve that the water supply can interrupt when you want to clean the pondsieve. A minimum of water will be wasted. To do this, there is an additional drain that also can be connected to for example a sewer.



  • Material black PE, steady manufactured
  • Made of SS 304
  • Pump fed and gravity position of the pondsieve is possible
  • Let through rate 300 en 200 micron


Further information:

  • Including cover