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Drum filters

Auga product | Drum filters

Drumfilters: fully automatic operating micro-filtration system, capable of mechanically cleaning and clear water in basins, swimming ponds, fish ponds and other water projects.

Drum filters are suitable for parties up to 500 m3 water filter systems with a high flow capacity. A drum filter can both pump fed as well as gravity positioned. At a gravity position water flows automatically in the filter. The big advantage of a drum filter is that it retrieves more (fine) dirt than any other filter. The fixed costs will also be annually low of this filter. Occasionally, check if everything is working properly, because a completely maintenance-free filter does not exist.


  • Housing made of SS 304
  • High quality finish and reliability
  • Suitable for pump fed and gravity
  • Very efficient filtering
  • Failures practically excluded
  • Viewing window in cover
  • WIG welding technology for high quality welds

Further information:

  • All drumfilters are equipped with an intelligent switch