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3-way divider MD-3 multi-tool

Auga product | 3-way divider MD-3 multi-tool

The 3-way divider MD-3 is a Multi-Tool 3-way divider for pond pumps and divides the water flow in 2 directions, both for the suction side as the press side of a pump.


With a variety of accessories, it can meet various kinds of customized needs by different combination.


  • Suck water from 2 places (e.g. basket and skimmer)
  • Pumps water into 2 directions (e.g. waterfall and filter)
  • Suited with 2 valves
  • Only suitable for placing under water

Further information:

  • Supplied with 3 hose connections, 1 suction basket, 1 gradient nipple 2 x 1½