Airstones and accessories

Using air stones and air distributors provides an aeration pump to ensure that the oxygen level in the water system stays steady.

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  • Auga product | Airdisk Hi-Oxy

    Airdisk Hi-Oxy

    Airflow disks generate a massive air current with fine air bubbles, so that little turbulence in the pondwater arises and soil-dirt is not included in the air flow.

  • Auga product | Air hose and air distributors

    Air hose and air distributors

    With air hose and air distributors the air of the airpump is dividable to airstones. At some air distributors are faucets to divide the air through all outlets.

  • Auga product | Airstones


    To ensure that the oxygen levels in your pond system, it is recommended to use an airpump in order to bring extra oxygen in the pond by an air stone or air disk.