Water movement and aeration is crucial for improving water quality and indispensable in every water culture.

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    Aerators combine the power of movement with the enrichment of oxygen in water. Huge volumes of water with oxygen stimulates the decomposition of organic substances in water.

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    Airfountains combine aeration and a beautiful fountain form. Recreation and sports parks, ponds and canals and everywhere where aeration is needed in stagnant water.

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    Airpumps equip the pond with vital oxygen. Ideal for aeration of ponds and filters in winter (opening in the ice pack) and summer.

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    Airstones and accessories

    Using air stones and air distributors provides an aeration pump to ensure that the oxygen level in the water system stays steady.

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    Mixers ensure that stagnant water flows in canals, ponds and storage basins, preventing the development of algae and improving water quality considerably.