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UVC lights filter for ponds and kill floating algae and provide clear water.

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  • Auga product | FZI UV-c devices

    FZI UV-c devices

    Amalgam UV-C devices for large water volumes of which the lamps have a high power and long life.

  • Auga product | PEHD UV-c devices

    PEHD UV-c devices

    These plastic UV-c devices are mostly used in fish farms, aquariums, swimming pools with sea water, process water or other industrial applications.

  • Auga product | UV-c replacementbulbs

    UV-c replacementbulbs

    UV-c replacementbulbs: to get clean and clear water the UV-c devices has to operate well so please notice replacement in time!

  • Auga product | VarioClean Pro UV-c devices

    VarioClean Pro UV-c devices

    VarioClean Pro UV-c: UV-c device to use and clear water in ponds, swimming ponds and swimming pools for fight against floating algae and disinfection.

  • Auga product | VarioClean Pro-X UV-c devices

    VarioClean Pro-X UV-c devices

    These, with PL lamps equipped professional UV-c devices, are ideally suited for fighting algae in the larger water features.

  • Auga product | VarioClean-S UV-c devices

    VarioClean-S UV-c devices

    VarioClean-S UV-c: efficient destruction of algae and other harmful micro-organisms in water features. From not clear to clear water in combination with a filter.