The filter material used in a pond filter is crucial in order to obtain clear water.

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  • Auga product | BioBall


    BioBall are suitable as filter material in the last chamber(s) of the filter. Rinse in the filter possible.

  • Auga product | BioCell


    BioCell filtermaterial is especially for up/flow systems. Suitable as filter material in the last chamber(s) of the filter.

  • Auga product | Filter brush

    Filter brush

    Filter brush are good as prefilter and actually belong to each filter, very suitable for the first chamber of your filter and easy to clean.

  • Auga product | Japanese mat

    Japanese mat

    Japanese mat are best for Koifilters. Because of the open structure the mats do not clog and have a huge bacteria adhesion surface.

  • Auga product | Matala mats

    Matala mats

    Matala mats are made from polypropylene and twined strands and are available in different densities with a high let throug rate.

  • Auga product | Foam mats

    Foam mats

    The foam mats serve (mostly) for a final filtering of the pond water and this to clean the last small contaminants from the water.

  • Auga product | Substrate


    Filter Substrate is organic filter material for pond filters. Filter substrate is very porous and therefore has a large bacteria adhesion surface.