The filter program includes systems for both organic and mechanical water purification, skimmers and uv-c devices.

  • Auga


    The filter material used in a pond filter is crucial in order to obtain clear water.

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    Skimmers remove dirt such as leaf from trees blown in and other dirt particles to the water surface.

  • Auga

    UV-C devices

    UVC lights filter for ponds and kill floating algae and provide clear water.

  • Auga


    Fully automatic working, mechanical micro-filter systems for filtering large quantities of water in basins, swimming ponds and other water projects.

  • Auga

    Shorefilter/pressure filters

    Shore filters and pressure filters are great for filtering small to medium ponds. For larger ponds are multiroom filters better suited.

  • Auga

    Multichamber filters

    Biological/mechanical polyester multichamber filters are still one of the best and most efficient methods for realizing clear water.