Decor lighting

Decor lighting can be used to build water features and fountains and in highlights in running water for a great atmospheric effect.

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  • Auga product | Vivaria DecoLed

    Vivaria DecoLed

    Vivaria DecoLED: LED lighting ornaments in the garden with extremely low power consumption warm white light with a long life to illuminate by flowing water.

  • Auga product | Vivaria RockLed

    Vivaria RockLed

    Vivaria RockLed is a powerful PowerLed as full spotlight to be used for mood lighting in ponds and garden with long life and low power consumption.

  • Auga product | Vivaria RockLight

    Vivaria RockLight

    Vivaria Rock Light: halogen floodlight in faithfully polystone boulder for mood lighting in pond and garden, warm white light with a long lifespan.