A fountain is not complete without lighting and, especially in the evening, adds so much value to moving water.

  • Auga

    Decor lighting

    Decor lighting can be used to build water features and fountains and in highlights in running water for a great atmospheric effect.

  • Auga

    Fountain lighting

    Lighting adds an extra dimension to fountains and turns it into a magical spectacle. Iconic in the dark evening hours, creating longer joy of the fountain.

  • Auga

    Build in lighting

    A pond, swimming pond or pool turns in the evening into a black hole if it is not lighted. Wall-recessed lighting increases the atmosphere and use in the evenings.

  • Auga

    Cable and cableconnectors

    Underwater cable boxes and kabelconnectors for the waterproof connecting of power lines.

  • Auga

    Build up lighting

    LED or halogen floodlights in and around water or pond in your garden create atmosphere in the evenings.

  • Auga


    Large variation in (also electronic) transformers, many suitable for outdoor installation. In addition, there are also types suitable for automatic in-and elimination of lighting.