Technical pit

Technical pitts are ideally suited for connecting bottom drains and/or set up skimmers and pump.

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  • Auga product | Dirt remover

    Dirt remover

    The dirt remover is inserted into the filter of a swimming pond, which is provided with a free space under the filter bed. Dirt is thus effectively removed.

  • Auga product | Draincollector


    The drain collector is the inspection pit in the swimming pond. Placement in a swimming pond filter for connection to drainage hoses.

  • Auga product | Pumppit


    A pumping station can be used to connect in all the technology in the construction of ponds. In addition, a pump can be here incorporated in the well or can serve as a pre-filter.

  • Auga product | Technicalpit


    A technicalpit can be used to build in all technology such as a pond pump, uv-c device and filter system, or is as a filter room to use.