Water vitalising with UV light

A company from Norway, specialized in irrigation technology, asked to deliver a UV-C device for disinfecting of river water, which is used for the sprinkling of vegetables. The water quality should be made to European directives and installing a UV-C device was necessary.


The device had to be suitable for a working pressure of 14 Bar at a capacity of 40 m3/h.


Model FZI 330 was adapted and has now been installed in Norway.


Purification with UV light is used to remove micro-organisms. The water is disinfected without harmful side effects. UV lamps are often used at a later stage for the killing of floating algae that cause green water in ponds. The lamps emit a particular, but harmful UV light of certain wavelengths. This removes floating algae burn and die. The result is a clear pond without floating algae, at least if one chooses for a lamp with enough radiation. UV lamps are widely used for filtering and purifiying in ponds and koi ponds in particular. In this case, also applicable to other areas.

Auga Water Filteren en Zuiveren met UV licht