Newest drumfilters Inazuma koi and swimming ponds exclusive for AUGA

What is good may be even better; Inazuma from Germany has raised the bar even higher with its technical innovations.

The fully automatic operating micro-filter systems, suitable for cleaning water in basins, koi and swimming ponds, fish ponds and other water projects are available with or without biochamber. For the import in the Netherlands, AUGA has been selected by Inazuma for this top-quality mechanically and self-cleaning filter.

The high quality finish – entirely in stainless steel 304 –, reliability, efficient filter operation and ease of use, the specific characteristics for these systems.

Drum filters are applied for decades in the industrial water treatment. In recent years we see a growing interest from the koi and swimming pond market.

That’s understandable, given the high reliability, large capacity and efficient operation of these systems, which filter water to 70 Mu and the fact that these devices against “maintenance-free” in line, maintenance is limited to periodic monitoring of the drum screen, it possible lagging dirt remainders.

The system works in fully automatic, placement can further pumped and gravity setup in which the installation is only 11 cm higher drawn up as the water level.

The pricing of these devices become more favourable over the years, because these filters can be produced in series. However, there is no concession on quality. The whole system is manufactured from stainless steel, incl. the integrated coil pump.

Delivery also includes an operating system, that by means of a float system controls the drum motor pump boiler.

A lid protection disables the entire system as this would be opened.

The execution without biochamber is a fantastic mechanical filter system, for ponds and swimming ponds where the biological purification takes place otherwise.

The drum filter of Inazuma with biochamber offers a total solution for the mechanical and biological purification of all types of ponds and koi ponds. Dirt collects in the drum and is referred to by the rinse pump automatically cleaned. The dirt falls into the dirt gutter, which is also equipped with a cleaning nozzle. During the cleaning of the drum to the gutter drains or flushes the dirty by other supply.

Cleaning is carried out by the integrated coil pump, which exclusively with pond water flushes, so you don’t need a water pipe to be laid out.

For more information please visit the technical info on the drum filters.

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