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Every water project depends on circulation, without a pump everything simply stands still.

AquaFlow pumps function either submerged or installed in a dry location. This special feature is a part of what makes our programme so unique.


AquaFlow Iauga bewegen boosterpompen messner benelux vivaria aquaflown-line booster pumps, WB series

The WB series are for underwater installation and are equipped with a suction strainer. All other technical features of these integrated pumps are as for the series B. These pumps are intended for larger fountain installations, filter systems and other large-scale water projects.

AUGA Water Bewegen - Messner pompen - 900x540Moving with pondpumps through a pond pump selection table

The wide variation of pumps often makes the choice more difficult. Where will the pump be used, how is it placed, what must the pump can? The pond pumps selection table helps you on your way!

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AquaFlow circulation pumps

For smaller water projects, AF pumps are ideal. With the strainer fitted these pumps are suitable for submerged use, with the strainer removed they can be installed in a dry chamber provided that they are installed below the water level. Recommended for filter systems, waterfalls and pond fountains.