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A fountain is not complete without lighting and, especially in the evening, adds so much value to moving water.

With the current technical advances in LED lighting, it is now possible to program any imaginable colour combination.


AUGA Water Belichten - Halogeen spotsHalogen floodlights

The elegance of the warm halogen light is still popular, despite the higher power consumption and much shorter lamp life, compared to LED lighting. On the other hand, the acquisition price of a spotlight is low.

AUGA Water Belichten - LED spots LED floodlights

State-of-the-art underwater LED lighting with powerful High Power Leds, run in Warm-white, Cool-white or with the stunning Multi-color RGB Leds. With a service life of up to 100.000 hours replacement is no longer an issue. Huge cost savings in energy and maintenance compared to Halogen lighting. Further information is listed in the technical data sheet.

AUGA Water Belichten - Installatiemateriaal - 900x540

Installation material

A good and long-lasting effect of lighting functions only with the use of the correct installation material and careful installation. All components such as transformers, cable boxes and power cable are manufactured for outdoor and underwater use.