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Details make the difference; optimal water management is achieved with pipes and fittings that are perfectly tailored to the connected devices and thus lose flow – resulting in a too high energy consumption – occurrences.


AUGA Water Aanleggen - Appendages Laying ponds with accessories

PVC valves, wall penetrations, soil drains and skimmers are the main valves for water transport, which are at almost any water project needed.

AUGA Water Aanleggen - EcoLat en EcoPicLaying ponds with Ecolat plastic edge finish

Ecolat edge finish is a universal product to pond edges, borders and paths to separate sharp. It is made from 100% recycled plastic, durable and flexible so that rolling forms are easy to realize.

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Laying ponds with pump pits

In the design and construction of a pond or swimming pond it is possible to bring in a technical pit. The technical pits from polyester are particularly useful for placing the pond pump in wet or dry set-up. Technical pits can also be filled with filter mats as pre-filter and are also ideal for connecting skimmers and bottomdrains.