AUGA AirFlow aerator for aeration and also as ice-free holder in the winter

Whether it is due on the Dutch successes during the 2014 Winter Olympics is not known to us.


The aeration pumps are sold recently in Russia for revitalizing stagnant water, which can cause major problems especially in the very hot summer months, such as fish mortality from lack of oxygen and excessive algae growth.


In addition to fighting fish mortality and algae the devices can also be use as ice preventer during the winter. Application in brackish water is not a problem, the pumps are made of cast bronze and resistent.


Aerators are submersible motors which are provided with a specially designed propeller fan. These bring large amounts of water in motion, with low power required.


Due to the flow rate of the water oxygen is automatically sucked through a venturi and mixed with the water flow. This oxygen-rich water flow improves the water quality and reduces the water temperature, so that algae growth is prevented.


For larger water combinations of AirFlow and Flow pumps are being used, the first creates oxygen mixture, the Flow series brings even greater quantities of water moving over longer distances.

Auga Water Vitaliseren met een AirFlow beluchter dient tevens als ijsvrijhouder